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Orgasm - Clitoral, Vaginal, And Whole Body Orgasm

As we all know, orgasm is the climax of lovemaking, the point at which all the tension and powerful sensations built up during sexual arousal are released in a climactic burst of physical, spiritual, and emotional pleasure.

Both men and women can experience the highest levels of satisfaction and fulfillment during orgasm, but it's important to realize that orgasm need not be restricted to the genitals, since it can be a whole-body experience that goes far beyond the pelvic area.

In a whole-body orgasm, both men and women can experience great satisfaction and pleasure as sexual energy pulsates in waves passing through their body and all the way up to the heart and brain.

For women, this whole-body orgasm is achieved in a variety of ways, most especially through stimulation of the G spot. You don't have to be a follower of Freud to understand that there are in fact two forms of orgasm for women: the clitoral orgasm and the vaginal orgasm.

They differ in that vaginal stimulation on the area of the G spot, to be exact activates an additional set of nerves called the pudendal nerves which produce different, more emotional sensations during orgasm than the nerves which are activated during clitoral orgasm.

The reason that many women dispute the existence of vaginal orgasms is that the G spot needs to be sensitized to stimulation before it will produce the profound climactic release which is possible.

Indeed, the G spot "holds" sexual injury, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse, and effectively serves as a body memory of every time that a woman takes place in a sexual act without complete commitment and openness.

So the memories stored in the G spot can stem from the anger induced by outright sexual assault, to the emotional consequences of reluctantly engaging in sexual intercourse, through to the shame and guilt of agreeing to unwanted sexual acts.

Like all body memories, those held in the G spot need to be released before that part of the body is completely functional, totally sensitized to stimulation, and fully responsive.

This release of repressed memories can be achieved by gentle but firm caressing over a period of time by a partner who is fully loved, or at least trusted and respected by the woman.

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This needs to be done against the background of an established relationship because massaging the G spot can produce a dramatic emotional catharsis: anger, tears, unexplained giggling - and many more emotions - may be expressed, often quite intensely; they represent all the repressed emotion that a woman felt at the time of the event when, instead of being expressed outwardly, the emotion was stored in her body.

You'll gather from this that the G spot is like an intelligent nerve centre inside the genitals; it serves almost like the solar plexus but specifically functions around sexual issues, in the broadest sense of that term.

These emotions are not directed at the woman's partner in the here and now, nor are they specifically to do with the woman or man who is stimulating a woman's G spot, and since they may be intense, it takes a mature and trusted partner to accept the emotional release without taking it personally.

For men, extended orgasm can be achieved by development of the skill of prolonged sexual arousal without ejaculation.

One of the best ways as a man can achieve this is by asking his partner to stimulate him up to the point just before he feels that climax is inevitable. It is possible to hover around this point for extended periods of time with on-going, very gentle stimulation.

This pre-orgasmic level of arousal is known in the terms of the sexual response cycle (originally described by Masters and Johnson in the 1960s) as the plateau level. Men are able to experience prolonged pre-orgasmic sensations of great intensity for up to an hour or even more.

When this level of stimulation is combined with prostate stimulation, and a man feels no urge or need to ejaculate, he is well on the way to the experience of whole-body orgasm. It is also a great way to stop premature ejaculation and ensure sexual satisfaction for both partners.

Of course, for both sexes, there is slightly more to it than that: it is also necessary to have cleared blockages in one's Chakras, so that the sexual energy can easily flow up the energy meridians of the body from the genitals.

You can think of this as a process of developing sexual energy in the genitals, and then distributing it upwards throughout the rest of the body to produce the fantastic sensations of extended orgasm.  

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Can masturbation spoil heterosexual response?

In extreme cases it can, but it can also, in certain circumstances, improve heterosexual response. By definition heterosexual response is response to another person (of the opposite sex), and it involves emotion and commitment.

 lf masturbation is used as a means of avoiding involvement, emotion, and commitment over a long period of time, it can result in the person becoming so fixed in a self-regulated mode of sexual release that he or she is incapable of a full heterosexual response.

The ability to surrender completely to one's partner and to sexual feelings is essential to a full response; the practice of masturbation does not train this ability but, on the contrary, enables control of the How of sexual feeling.

But this reservation applies only when masturbation is the primary or sole mode of sexual release. Kinsey found that women who had practiced masturbation experienced orgasm in the first years of relationship sex more frequently than those who had not, and Masters and Johnson have found that some problems of anorgasmia can be overcome by training sexual response through the use of masturbation.

Is it in any way harmful to go without sex for a long period?

It depends on the age and circumstances of the person concerned. In a sense, no one goes without sexual outlets of some kind for long periods, but if we are talking about the pros and cons of celibacy, this does no harm provided the sexual energy does not get pent up into frustration but ends expression through physical or creative effort. People who can thus channel their sexual energy for a long period are rare, however.

It has often been observed that regular sexual activity is conducive to longevity and physical vigor in later life, and that the sexual function tends to decline and the physiological processes concerned atrophy somewhat if they are not exercised.

So to go without sex for a long period in later life can be harmful in the sense that the body may no longer produce and release sufficient quantities of the hormones that promote youthfulness as well as sexuality.

If a woman discovers that her man has a taste for pornography what should her reaction be?

This problem often causes women distress and frequently appears in advice columns.

Often a woman's immediate reaction is a sense of betrayal, as though her partner's sexual fantasies in which she personally does not figure is a kind of infidelity.

But as any good dating advice for women is inclined to make clear, the truths is rather different. Good dating advice for women - such as Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever - which you can see here - is always oriented towards realistic relationships between men and women, i.e. what is possible in real life, not the fantasies which pervade romantic novellas.

Another common reaction is a feeling of inadequacy, of having failed, in that she has not been able to give her husband enough love and sexual fulfillment to satisfy him. Sometimes the discovery has proved so distressing to a woman that she breaks off sexual relations and may even seek a divorce.

But these are overreactions, for a man's interest in pornography does not necessarily imply that his relationship with his sexual partner is inadequate or unfulfilling.

It is simply a fact that sexual response is quite easily triggered by psychological and visual stimuli, and that men often enjoy the pleasure of sexual arousal with an immediate outlet.

In many cases, they carry over the arousal from the fantasy situation into their actual sex lives. In other cases, however, there may be an element of wishful thinking in the fantasizing, and both partners may wish to use these to make their sex life more exciting.  

"Mankind," wrote the psychologist Eric Berne, has made a great leap by splitting off the pleasures of sex from its biological purpose, and man is the only known form of life which can deliberately arrange to have sex without reproduction and reproduction without sex."

As patriotic members of the human species, Berne maintained, we should be proud of our sexuality, and "anybody who isn't should go back where he came from, which is jellyfish."

With characteristic humor, Berne expressed the fundamentally important change in attitude toward sex that did emerge from the sexual revolution: that sexual love is a natural and beautiful activity, and that it is perfectly legitimate to engage in it purely for its enjoyment. Any kind of sex, even homosexual or adulterous sex, is acceptable, provided that it is "self-liberating, other-enriching, honest, faithful, socially responsible, life-serving and joyous."

A best-seller since it was first published has been The Joy of Sex, edited by Alex Comfort and based on a text written by an anonymous couple, one of them a practicing physician.

The book is aptly titled; its highly acclaimed originality for its time (original edition 1972) lay in the fact that it maintained an open and accepting attitude to all kinds of sexual practice in the context of human loving.

Also it succeeded in accommodating sexual adventure and permissiveness around the concepts of sexual fidelity. The introductory chapter of The Joy of Sex sums up the benefits of the sexual revolution:

"The whole joy of sex-with-love is that there are no rules, so long as you enjoy it, and the choice is practically unlimited... You can have infinite variety to taste.

"But one needs a steady basic diet of quiet, night-and-morning faithful long term relationship advice to stand this experimentation on, simply because, contrary to popular ideas, the more regular sex a couple has, the higher the deliberately contrived peaks...This book is about love as well as sex: you don't get high-quality sex on any other basis."

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