Making Love, Sex, and Orgasm

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The Male Orgasm - Manifesting Better Sex

One of the questions that comes up time and again in my work is "How can I manifest a better sexual relationship?"

Well, the obvious answer to this is that manifesting a better sexual relationship is no different to manifesting anything else that you want in your life.

You need to start with a very clear objective what kind of person do you want to manifest? Is it somebody who is endearing, somebody who is kind and loving, or somebody who is adventurous and independent?

Is it somebody with a high sex drive or a low sex drive, or somebody with an experimental streak who will accompany you on a journey of sexual exploration or would you be more content with somebody whose sexual experience was limited to the conventional?

As always, the goal you set is exactly what you want to achieve in life.

And of course as always, there are aspects that go beyond this for example, what is your own attitude to sex? Are you somebody who can forego the patriarchal and oppressive patterns of the past, and enter into a graceful and loving blessing of your body and the body of your partner, regardless of what they appear like?

You see, one of the questions here, that arises for me is whether or not you're actually trying to manifest the essence of an individual who would suit you.... or if you're trying to manifest a physical body that attracts you (with a person attached).

It's important to be exact about what you want, and certainly if you gain an understanding of the many core sexual issues that you hold, you will no doubt be much more at ease with your own sexuality, and much more likely to be able to put somebody else into a better place of ease with their sexuality.

To put this another way, you need to make peace with wherever you are at sexually before you start trying to find a partner in a relationship of grace and love.

By starting where you are with grace and acceptance, and a lack of judgment about your own attributes (or lack of attributes) as you perceive them, you can become more able to accept the attributes (or lack of them) in your potential partner furthermore, if you're actually giving off the "right" energies, you're going to attract the kind of individual towards you that you want to be with -  rather than one who might be just an outlet for continued manifestation of the judgments and prejudices and projections that you've put on other people in the past.

Furthermore, it goes without saying that you will need to be willing to grow and support any relationship you enter into by appreciating it, while also pursuing an imaginary vision of the ideal love life - and indeed the ideal sex life - that you want to manifest in your relationship.

We need to adopt as a society, a sex positive view that allows us to see that to become truly whole we must liberate ourselves from the oppression of our sexual upbringing which is mostly full of guilt, shame and repression not to mention anger and fear and instead allow the sexuality which lives within us to be a natural part of us with a fine and healthy expression.

This is a critical aspect of manifesting a good relationship with any other human being because fear of intimacy and fear of sex are simply constructs of the human mind. They're not a reality based on the natural way in which two human beings interact as the Osho community demonstrates very clearly.

You see, once again we are brought right up against the fact that the more attention we pay to something, the more energy that we invest in things that we don't want, or the things we are scared off, the more likely they are to actually manifest for us.

And in something as important as the area of human sexuality, it's absolutely critical that we should spend our time focusing on what we want in a positive way for the more time you spend focusing on the negative or on your disappointments, the more likely you are to bring those into your life - i.e.  the things that enhance that sense of disappointment.

It's quite easy, in fact, to develop the habit of focusing on the things that you want and thereby to change the experience that you have in the world.

Focus, for example, on all the aspects of your relationship which are positive, and everything that it has to offer you by focusing on the positive, and being grateful for it, you will actually find the relationship grows and develops in a spirit of mutual love, support and appreciation.

At the same time, by using the Law of Attraction and manifestation principles (the ones you know very well and if you don't, you can find out how to get what you want here)  you can actually develop characteristics that make you even more attractive to a potential partner (like animal magnetism and charisma).